Pastor Holland Davis (P.HD) is the founder and senior pastor of Calvary Chapel San Clemente in San Clemente, California. He and his wife, Roxie, have two sons Austin, Chase and a daughter Madison. They live in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Holland spent his life growing up in different parts of the world because his dad was enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He’s lived on both coasts, grew up in a trailer in Beaufort, South Carolina, lived in Elk City, Oklahoma, Salt Lake City, Utah, Quantico, Virgina and Vista, California. Jesus made Himself known to Holland at a Young Life meeting in Iwakuni, Japan. That day changed his life forever. He was told by the Young Life leadership to read the Bible and pray and God would teach him. So, Holland began reading the Bible and praying. However, no one told him that he needed to go to church. It wasn’t until his family moved back to the United States that he heard from a friend that you’re supposed to go to church and when he did, he was told that the things he read in the Bible weren’t true for today. This left him confused. Why would the church tell everyone they needed to read the Bible if it wasn’t 100% true for today? At the age of 16, Holland heard a Pastor on the radio say that the Bible was 100% God’s Word and that it was 100% true for today. That Pastor was Chuck Smith. Shortly after, Holland began to pursue ministry as his passion and became the first worship leader at Calvary Chapel Vista at the age of 16. This passion for ministry was heightened after Lonnie Frisbee prayed for Holland at the age of 17.

As a young man, Holland and his wife Roxie helped plant several churches in the Southern California and Riverside area. During this time, Holland began writing worship songs for the local churches he was involved with. He also started teaching and leading worship at conferences around the nation. This led to the fulfillment of a personal dream to work for Maranatha! Music where his platinum selling song “Let It Rise” was recorded by Paul Baloche. Holland’s songs have been published by Vineyard Music, Calvary Chapel Music, Maranatha! Music, Rolltop Records and Word Music and continue to be in the top 100 songs sung by church in the United States as reported by CCLI. However, during a trip to Israel, Pastor Holland once again began to sense God’s leading to return to ministry. This eventually led him to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa where he led worship for Pastor Chuck Smith, founded the School of Worship, founded Worship Life Conferences and relaunched Calvary Chapel Music. Following his success at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Holland joined Pastor Skip Heitzig at Ocean Hills Church in San Juan Capistrano. After two short years, Pastor Skip returned to the church he founded in Albuquerque and left Pastor Holland with the charge to be a stabilizing factor during a long and difficult transition.

In 2009, God began to reveal that He had other plans for Holland and Roxie. Through several prophetic words and the agreement of his wife, God made it clear that it was time for Pastor Holland to plant a new Calvary Chapel work in San Clemente. With Pastor Chuck Smith’s blessing, Pastor Holland launched Calvary Chapel San Clemente with a small but dedicated team of church planters on February 14, 2010. The church is now established and growing.

The heart of Pastor Holland’s message is the radical grace of God and how to approach living from God’s “life giving” perspective as presented in God’s Word. As a teaching pastor and worship leader, his passion for seeing God’s people discover their first love is bringing a message of transforming hope to San Clemente and beyond. The mission of Calvary Chapel San Clemente is to know God through His Word, love God through our Worship and reveal God through our Witness.

Pastor Holland graduated from the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa School of Ministry and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Behavioral Science from National University. He continues to teach and lead worship at conferences such as Exodus International, Billy Graham Rapid Response Training, Worship Life Conferences, National Worship Leaders Conferences and Christian Musician Summits. He is the Founder of, an independent distribution platform for indie worship songwriters.  The Worshipsong Band App was awarded the Editor’s Choice award from Worship Leader Magazine.  His column, “In The Muse” can be seen monthly in Technologies For Worship Magazine.


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Pastor Holland Davis Published Author

Holland Davis is an award-winning songwriter and the composer of the platinum-selling worship song Let It Rise. He is the founder of Worship Life, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the worship life of every believer through seminars, workshops, conferences, and musical education. He is also the Devotional Arts Pastor of Ocean Hills Church in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Holland travels as a worship leader for various conferences and teaches seminars to equip and encourage the Body of Christ to be passionate worshippers of Jesus. Holland and his wife, Roxie, along with their three children, Austin, Chase, and Madison reside in San Juan Capistrano, CA.


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  • LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP contains principles and insights that are essential for developing worshipful worship leaders. I believe that veteran worship leaders will be greatly refreshed and challenged by reading this book. There is so much more to leading worship than the mechanics of playing and writing songs. Thanks for expounding on the spiritual dynamics and the practical application of the interaction between music and worship that pleases God.   -John Cody Carter, Warner Brothers Country Recording Artist

    - John Cody Carter
  • Holland Davis knows what he is talking about when it comes to worship.  His life has been poured into leading God's people in the high praise of God for decades and his voice on this subject needs to be heard.  We live in a time when congregational worship could so easily become a mere performance.  Holland reminds us that true worship is far more than a song, but a life truly surrendered to God.   -Bill Welsh, Pastor of Refuge Calvary Chapel, Huntington Beach

    - Bill Welsh
  • LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP deals with issues that confront worship musicians on and off the platform. Holland Davis draws from God’s Word, his own personal experience to help equip those called to worship ministry. This excellent resource presents an abundance of sound scriptural principles and then boils them down to practical application in the local church.   -Marty Nystrom, Integrity Music Worship Leader and writer of “As The Deer”

    - Marty Nystrom
  • Holland has an amazing knack of taking the essential elements of worship leading and communicating them in a direct no-nonsense manner. Refreshingly well-written and thought through. A great resource for all worship leaders looking to deepen their understanding of what happens when God is invited into the worship service.   - Nigel Briggs, Vineyard UK Worship Leader

    - Nigel Briggs
  • Let It Rise is Biblical, Practical, forces Senior Pastors and Worship Leaders to work together, creative and always comes back to a biblical view of worship.   -Chip Ingram, Living on the Edge Ministries

    - Chip Ingram
  • "LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP is a power-packed book that'll leave you laughing out loud, nodding in agreement, scrambling for something to take notes with, and, ultimately, humbled to see how God will work in your life and ministry as you take its message to heart."   -Cheri Keaggy, Worship Leader and Recording Artist, Writer of "There is Joy in the Lord" and "In Remembrance of Me"

    - Cheri Keaggy
  • Aside from being a good friend (and fellow Asian), I know Holland Davis to be a truly anointed worship leader and songwriter.  I've had the privilege of ministering with him a number of times over the past 10 years or so, and have seen God use him in profound ways.  LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP will serve as a great source of illumination and encouragement for countless others serving Christ in the area of worship ministry.   -Norm Stockton, Bass Player (Lincoln Brewster), Producer

    - Norm Stockton
  • Holland Davis has been faithful for many years to seek God about what true worship is. Out of that search he has developed a ministry as a worship leader, songwriter, and now author, of an easily accessible book containing many gems of wisdom about what defines true worship.   -Danny Daniels, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Composer of Classic Vineyard Songs "Glory," "Hold Me Lord" and "I Will Trust In You"

    - Danny Daniels
  • Holland Davis' book is filled with practical points on what worship is all about, with a strong biblical foundation.  This will be a great handbook to point worship leaders in the right direction, give them important information and ongoing inspiration.   Holland draws from his many years of experience to share practical truths in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read way.   -Andy Park, Songwriter, Worship Leader and Author

    - Andy Park
  • "Holland's new book is quick to read, yet full of deep insights to the nature of authentic worship. I recommend it for anyone interested in deepening their own worship life or to those in leadership positions in the local church. You'll like this book!"   -John Chisum, Integrity Music worship artist, President Firm Foundation Worship Ministries, Composer of "O Mighty Cross"

    - John Chisum
  • This book will be in my library and I will recommend it to anyone seeking to know what it truly means to worship God. I like the ease and flow of the book and especially the quotes from pioneers such as Keith Green.  My thanks to the Holland Davis for a job well done.   -Morris Chapman, Dove and Grammy nominated Recording Artist, Promise Keepers worship leader and composer of “Be Bold Be Strong,” “Christ In Us Be Glorified” and “The Family Prayer Song.”

    - Morris Chapman
  • This book is a "must read" for all worshippers and those who lead others in worship. It is practical, informative and easy to read - written with a great mix of common sense, humour and sensitivity.   -Noel Richards, International Worship Recording Artist, Visionary Organizer of Stadium Worship Events, Composer of "All Heaven Declares and "We Want To See Jesus Lifted High"

    - Noel Richards
  • Here’s an opportunity to benefit from the experience and insights of a respected veteran leader in the worship community. As a songwriter, worship leader and teacher, Holland passes on his inspiration and expertise in a friendly and encouraging way.   -Jimmy and Carol Owens, Grammy and Dove nominated composers, Contemporary Christian Music Pioneers, Authors of “God Songs – How To Write And Select Songs For Worship”

    - Jimmy and Carol Owens
  • "I have been friends with Holland Davis for many years and I have seen the passion that he has for, not only leading God's family in worship, but raising up others to do the same. This book is a terrific tool for the novice or the expert who wants grow in their gifting as a worship leader"   -Brett Williams, Worship Leader Calvary Fellowship Seatlle, Critically Acclaimed Songwriter, Former Starsong Recording Artist

    - Brett Williams
  • Holland… I wish I would have met you 20 years ago. What you wrote captures my heart and conveys a real sense of honor to God in worship.  Another home run! -Skip Heitzig,  Senior Pastor Calvary Albuquerque, Author, Host of The Connection Radio Broadcast

    - Skip Heitzig
  • Holland Davis has been an influential worship leader and a writer of worship songs for many years. His book is a collection of theological and practical insights gathered over decades. This book will prove to be an invaluable resource for worship leaders everywhere, especially helpful for those just getting started. -Dr. Ken Blue, Author of "Healing Spiritual Abuse and "Authority To Heal"

    - Dr. Ken Blue
  • In order to speak with a voice of knowledge an orator has to have lived in the heart of the subject matter for an extended period of time.  Holland Davis has “been there” and done just that - irreplaceable time in service at the highest and deepest of levels of worship music.  Holland offers with great authority -a working manual for serving Immanuel.   -Ken Mansfield, Author, Speaker, Former US Manager Apple Records with the Beatles

    - Ken Mansfield
  • "I'm impressed, Holland has found a way to communicate things that 'we all know' in a way that makes it interesting, informative, fresh and practical. What a wonderful work, done in such a fun and creative way.'    -Carl Tuttle, Pioneer Vineyard Worship Leader, Writer of many Vineyard classics such as Lift Jesus Higher, I Worship You and Hosanna.

    - Carl Tuttle
  • Holland Davis is a tool that God uses every day in leading people to being admonished in Worship.  Many people sing Worship today.  But few have the gift of leading people into Worship. Holland Davis, is a man with great solutions.  I trust you will enjoy his book.  Learn from His book.   And share it with others.  Holland’s Worship music appeals to the Emotions, Logic, and Character of His audience… Few people I know have that gift. -Dennis Agajanian, Christian Country Artist of the Year, World Record Holder for Fastest Flatpicking Guitarist.

    - Dennis Agajanian
  • "I love Holland's passion to not only lead us into worship, but to teach us how to go there as well. This book gives us insight into simple truths about the meaning of worship along with powerful quotes from John Piper to Keith Green to help us remember what it's all about."   -Chris Lizotte, Vineyard Worship Leader and Recording Artist

    - Chris Lizotte
  • "Fresh vision, conviction, new insight, challenge, clarity, and a hunger for more in your relationship with the Lord...if this is your desire, then read as Holland puts pen to paper, or font to type-written word, and captures the thoughts that we need to be thinking in order to become not only better worship leaders but better worshipers."   -Sarah MacIntosh, Integrity Music Artist, Former Singer Chasing Furies

    - Sarah MacIntosh
  • In a time when performance is too often valued over adoration, Holland’s guidelines and insights will be invaluable to anyone seeking to lead, or experience, worship in Spirit and Truth. Holland Davis has put into writing his accumulated wisdom and experience, and as one of so many who’ve benefitted deeply from his ministry, I’m excited about this book!   -Joe Dallas, Author of Desires in Conflict and The Game Plan

    - Joe Dallas
  • "LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP" is a fast paced book that grabs your interest and keeps you engaged until you finish taking it all in.  We pray that many will comprehend Holland's words without music and contemplate on the Biblical truths that overflow from it.  We will repeatedly reflect on "LET IT RISE:  A MANUAL FOR WORSHIP" as we continue serving Jesus as a musicianaries.   -Take No Glory, international musicianary ministry

    - Take No Glory
  • In Holland Davis’s new book he quotes famed Christian artist Keith Green who said, “Glorifying the only worthy One has to be a minister's most important goal!" Holland Davis has accomplished that goal with this wonderful new book. This book will prove to be a valuable resource for years to come to all those who desire to lead others into greater depths of worship.   -Dennis Jernigan, Lead Worshiper/Song Receiver/Author

    - Dennis Jernigan
  • As a worshiper reading this book I found myself saying over and over again - Oh ya, that's what worship is!  A great resource for both worship leaders and worshipers in general.   -Tommy Walker, Worship Leader Eagle Rock Assembly and Maranatha! Music Recording Artist

    - Tommy Walker
  • Holland has proved to be a loyal and faithful servant of God. His heart and passion for worship continues to burn brightly. And I have no doubt that his thoughts on the practicalities and passion of worship will encourage you in your service for the Lord!   -Brenton Brown, Worship Leader and EMI Recording Artist, Writer of “Everlasting God,” “Your Love Is Amazing” and “Come Now Is The Time.”

    - Brenton Brown
  • I love it.  It's pure meat without the fat and bones.  It's graphically fun and pleasing to read.  It's modern and funny.  Best of all, it hones in like a guided missile on True Worship with supporting scriptures and quotes from wisemen (and women).  It will be a book that people will buy for themselves and others.  Nothing boring here.  Definitely inspired by God.   -Oden Fong, Christian Music Pioneer, Founding member of Mustard Seed Faith

    - Oden Fong